This Comic Superbly Illustrates What People Think Feminism Is — And What It Really Means

"Times are changing, and so is society."

Is it accurate to say that the 21st century has taken to feminism like a duck takes to water? If measured by the progress in women's rights over the past century, it wouldn't be an exaggeration to declare that we are living in a more equal society today than ever before.

These laudable gains aside, the reality is that though it may have diminished in certain pockets of the world, inequality is everywhere. The patriarchy stubbornly marches on, manifesting itself in many different ways (think horrifying internet abuse directed at women).

As these power structures evolve, so too must the movements fighting them. Feminism today is taking on larger roles in the struggle for equality. One of those is the push for inclusive, intersectional feminism that takes into account the different issues and needs of different groups and addresses them accordingly.

One comic, posted on Tumblr by Montreal-based artist Talhi Briones, broke down how feminism's goal is not only to destroy complex barriers for women everywhere, but that the destruction of those barriers ultimately benefits everyone — including men.


For a long time, feminism was the domain of white women who had more leverage, or at least a louder voice, in demanding equality than women of color. But white feminism specifically addresses issues that white women face, and either fails to or is problematic in dealing with those of other groups.

Intersectionality demands that the movement address issues affecting women of color, queer people, differently abled people and so on. To that end, feminism's goal, as written in the comic, is "to dismantle society's double standards, which hurts everyone."

A Plus has reached out to Briones for comment.


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