Stunning Video Shows Man Stop Rape Attempt, Survive Being Shot

The criminal is still wanted and at large.

Sometimes, life gives you a second chance. In the case of Peter Gold, it almost appears that he was rewarded — in a way — for a good Samaritan act.

Gold, a medical student at Tulane University, stopped to help a woman being attacked on the street in New Orleans at 4 A.M. last week. Gold apparently spotted the woman being taken to a vehicle against her will and decided to intervene. 

"That is so Peter," Michele Adams, who taught Gold while he was an undergrad student, told The Advocate. "He was always engaged, involved with his peers and just an amazing person, so it doesn't surprise me to hear he was trying to help someone. 'Selfless' is what comes to mind."

By the time Gold arrived, the woman was curled up on the sidewalk, according to The Advocate. He crouched down and tried to help, but then the assailant got out of his car and approached the two. According to reports, the man pointed the gun at Gold's head and pulled the trigger. It jammed. 

Then, as they came into view of a security camera, the man lowered the weapon and shot Gold in the stomach, according to The Forward. Once he was on the ground, the man allegedly tried two more times to shoot Gold in the head, but both times the gun jammed. In the security footage below, you can see the man shaking the weapon and trying to get it to function, but when he couldn't, he gets in his car and drives away.

While the woman was unharmed, recent updates say that Gold is still listed in "guarded condition."

"I ask that you keep Peter and his family in your thoughts and prayers," Tulane President Michael Fitts said in the email. "He is an outstanding student who represents the best of Tulane in every possible way."

The alleged criminal has been identified as 21-year-old Euric Cain and is still at large. If you have any information about the shooting, Tulane is offering a $12,500 reward. 

UPDATE: is reporting Cain has been arrested on multiple charges including first-degree attempted murder.


Warning: the footage below may be disturbing to some.


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