Little Boy And TSA Officer Battle It Out In Adorable Dance At The Airport

This certainly made going through security more fun.

Going through airport security is often a long and stressful process, however, one TSA official and a young boy made the wait more enjoyable for everyone around them.

While at the Newark Liberty International Airport, a family of five made their way through security. One boy started dancing and caught the eye of TSA officer Joshua McCall.

The young boy then challenged McCall to a dance battle, and he gladly accepted.

A video posted to a TSA fan page on Instagram shows them both doing the latest dance trend called "flossing."

New Jersey TSA federal security director, Tom Carter, told ABC 6 News that his employees would always be happy to take on dance battles after all passengers are safe.

Watch the dance battle below.


Cover image via  James R. Martin I Shutterstock

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