How Far Will People Go To Protect Their Phones? The Answer May Surprise You.

No one ever wants to see this happen.

There's a sickening feeling when you drop your cell phone: a combination of sudden panic and helpless anticipation in the fraction of a second between when you feel it slip from your hand or pocket and when it hits the floor. It is relieved only by the sight of an intact screen and case: perhaps guarded by some kind of phone armor, or perhaps protected only by the generosity of fortune.

Our phones are very personal to us and they should be. Until their development, the social particles of our lives — photographs, correspondence, contact lists, and so on — were either consolidated onto a computer or, depending on your age, scattered across what are now relics of print (the photo album, the address book, saved letters). 

For the most part, all of those things are now on our phones.

How many of you have text messages that you can't bring yourself to delete? Or numbers that you don't have anywhere else? Or pictures stored only to your phone?

Naturally, we're protective of these things. We're attached to them. 

As in a previous Motorola video where he gauged just how attached we are to our phones, Ashton Kutcher returns in this fascinating experiment to see just how far we'd go — just how much we'd reveal about ourselves — to protect our phones. 


Take a look.


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