Donald Trump's Interviews Hilariously Dubbed With An English Accent

Make Britain Great Again.

During Donald Trump's run for President, he has unleashed his fair share of foolish and offensive rhetoric against women, Latinos and Muslims. With so many ill-advised comments spewing out of his mouth, it begs the question: Are Trumps words truly ludicrous or is it how he speaks that makes his words absurd?


That’s exactly what Peter Serafinowicz is trying to find out.

Serafinowicz, an actor and comedian from Liverpool, is known for his hilarious television and movie roles in Parks and Recreation, Guardians of the Galaxy and Shaun of the Dead. But he is gaining comedy notoriety for a pair of recent YouTube videos.

The videos are recent clips of Donald Trump speaking on the campaign trail. Serafinowicz, in a posh southern English accent, dubs his voice over Trump's mouth.  However, Serafinowicz doesn't change any of Trump's words. It is Trump's speech verbatim, but in a smooth British accent.

Serafinowicz also included classical music in the first video to give Trump an intellectual aura. Both videos include famous Trumpisms like:

"I think I'll win the Hispanics. I employ thousands of Hispanics. They love me. I love them. And I think I'll do great with women. One of the reasons that I'm going to do great with women is that I'm a leader."

"The bad guys will always have guns, Barbara. So Paris, boom, boom, boom, ugh…if you look at California nobody had guns except the bad guys. If you had three or four people like me, I have the right to carry; I have a license to carry. If you had people like me in that room and somebody starts shooting, I guarantee you, we're going down shooting."

Does the English accent give Trump a more sophisticated appearance?

Kind of, yeah.

Are the videos funny?


Does the accent make him sound smart?

We leave that to you to decide.

Here are the videos:


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