This Beauty Brand Is Going To Plant One Million 'Miracle' Trees By The End Of 2017

A tree will be planted in each customer's name.

Earth Day is a time to consider our impact on the environment, and one clean beauty brand called True Moringa is certainly doing their part. The brand is launching the "One Million Moringa Trees" campaign to hopefully have a positive effect on the world for years to come.

The initiative will see True Moringa plant one million Moringa trees by the end of 2017. For every purchase made through the brand's website, a tree will be planted in that customer's name. Customers will also receive a postcard from the team, thanking them for planting a tree and joining the movement for a more sustainable future.


True Moringa's "One Million Moringa Trees" Campaign is brilliant for helping the planet, but it's not the brand's only cause.

Co-founders Kwami Williams and Emily Cunningham launched the natural beauty brand to show that "money really grows on trees."

In college, the pair traveled to Ghana with MIT's D-Lab. It was there that they discovered the value of the Moringa tree, or the "miracle tree" as it is often referred to. In addition to having numerous beauty benefits, Williams and Cunningham believed utilizing the Moringa tree could do great things for the Ghanian community.

"The tree thrives in arid climates. It helps the crops around it grown better. It can be intercropped with subsistence crops mitigating risk to farmers," it says on the brand's website. "The leaves, with more vitamin A than carrots, more protein than eggs, more calcium than milk and more iron than spinach have the potential to end malnutrition and provide a stable food source to farmers. The oil seeds, rich in anti-oxidants and moisturizing agents produce one of nature's finest cosmetic oils for hair and skin care. The solution to poverty, malnutrition, and hunger was growing in their own backyards."

After the trip, the duo devised a proprietary extraction system that enabled them to get closer to the farmers. This created more jobs while allowing them to produce the highest quality natural oil.

And True Moringa was born.

Today, the brand is helping to alleviate poverty and give those in the Ghanaian community jobs. They have planted over 300,000 Moringa trees and serve 1,600 small farming families. The brand reports that it increases its farmers' income by 10 times. 

"Moringa oil has been catching on around the world, and our new problem has become keeping up with demand!" Cunningham told A Plus via email. "We're thrilled by the opportunity to reach more farmers and introduce more people to potential of moringa - for development, for the planet, and for the natural beauty industry."

And the brand's latest initiative, that comes just in time for Earth Day, will only make things better. In a press release, True Moringa wrote, "Our one million Moringa trees will help to improve soil quality, prevent the spread of bushfires, and empower thousands of small farming communities with food security and a sustainable income."

It will also result in the largest certified organic Moringa farm in Africa.

"We set this goal to engage our community in building something huge that will make a real impact in the fight against poverty, malnutrition, and deforestation," Cunningham explained. " 

"We hope people feel empowered to make a difference by making a simple change in their shopping habits and investing in brands that give back. A Moringa tree is a gift that will continue to give back for generations to come, and a reminder that we vote with our dollars for the kind of world we want to live in," Cunningham said.

Check out the video below to find out more:

UPDATE: This article has been updated to include comments from Emily Cunningham, co founder of True Moringa. 


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