This Woman Thought That She Was Digging Up A Five-Year-Old Time Capsule. She Was Really Digging Up A Marriage Proposal.

This was five years in the making.

Time capsules are a great way to depict your life goals. They are written and visual reminders about what your hopes and dreams are for the future.

Troy Reddington and Jennifer Storrar understood this. Five years ago, the couple buried a time capsule near Mikisew Eagle Lake in Ontario, Canada, containing images and letters about their future goals. 

When Reddington was thinking about proposing to his girlfriend, he remembered the buried time capsule.

Unbeknownst to Storrar, Reddington returned to the lake and buried a new time capsule containing the proposal in the same location.

This summer, the couple planned a trip to dig up what Storrar thought was the original time capsule.

When she dug up the new time capsule, she found a note from Reddington asking for her hand in marriage.

What makes the proposal even more special is that Storrar filmed the entire trip without realizing that she was going to be proposed to. She uploaded the 12-minute video to YouTube, which shows everything from her finding the note to Reddington getting down on one knee. (Fast-forward to the eight-minute mark to see the actual proposal.)

Storrar said yes and the happy couple are now planning on getting married in the next couple of years.

We have seen proposals involving everything from spin classes to optical illusions. However, we haven't seen many that make such clever use of a time capsule. Reddington's time capsule proposal captures his and Storrar's past, present, and, of course, their future in one perfect package.   

(H/T: Huffington Post)


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