Students Cover Mirrors To Show Their Classmates There's More To Life Than Looks

'Mirrors show us what we look like, not who we are.'

"Your beauty should not come from your outward adornment."

"No beauty shines brighter than that of a good heart."

"You are valued."

If you walk into the bathrooms at Trinity Academy, a high school in Wichita, Kan., you'll see the above phrases written on the mirrors. In an effort to promote self-love and body positivity, of group of senior girls covered up the mirrors and replaced them with affirmations like the ones above instead. 

According to KWCH, the group got the idea during a senior trip. 

"Everywhere you look you hear people talking about being body shamed or hating their image," senior Jordan Melugin told the station. "I think it's easy to forget when you are just caught up in everyday life so I think whenever you look up and expect to see yourself and you see something positive like, you are made in God's image."

Trinity Academy's Facebook page posted the images of the mirror on Aug. 29, where they impressed parents who follow the page.  

"Thank you for such a great reminder to our girls. Love it!" one wrote. 


The underclassmen loved the idea, according to the girls, and says it made a difference. 

Although the papered mirrors aren't permanent, Melugin hopes the effects permeate for much longer. 

"I really hope that people will see this and see that there are girls out there who are encouraging other girls to just be who they are," she said. "So I just hope that it continues growing on that."

Raising up other women is always a good idea. 

(H/T: Jezebel)

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