This App Is About To Change The Way You Wake Up

Waking up will never be the same.

Every single morning, you probably wake up to a sound you hate: your alarm.

For many people, the first thing you hear is a sound you'd rather not. Some people sleep through their alarms; others wake up and go on potentially missing important news or messages from overnight -- like work or school was cancelled.

But fear no more: Jack Murray is here to change the way you wake up.

Murray invented an app that allows you to send personalized alarms to family, friends, lovers, employees or basically anyone on your friends list. All you need to do is set your alarm and then everyone can see when you're waking up and fill you in with anything you may need to know.

"You might send one to your employee who needs to bring coffee in that morning," Gizmodo writer Luke Hopewell said. "Something like this would be particularly handy for pushing out notifications about sporting events on early Saturdays."

I agree, and so I downloaded the app to check it out. Here is what it looks like:

From Jack's YouTube description:

Are you like me and sick and tired of waking up to the same annoying alarm each and every day of your life? Perhaps you are the person that sets your favourite song as your alarms and you end up despising them, or maybe your alarm has lost all meaning and gets repeatedly auto-snoozed?

Then I would like to welcome you to 'Trigga', a mobile application that allows for dynamic audio to be set by your selected friends specifically to each of your designated phone alarms. Wake up to the sound of one of your friends wishing you luck in your final exam or perhaps to a recording of their favourite song or comedian. Imagine being away from your partner for a week for work and being able to wake up, on time to the voice of their pre-recorded morning wake-up call. How many of you worrysome mothers have trouble keeping in touch or simply getting hold of your beloved sons and daughters? Now you can keep track and wake them up with a personalised reminder for those all-important commitments that you're sure they can't possibly keep without your assistance..."

You can download the app here (iOS) or here (Android).

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