15 Trees That Show Nature Is Crazy

So beautiful.

There are so many reasons to appreciate trees. They provide oxygen so that we can, you know, live. They also purify the air, save water and conserve energy. Studies have shown they can even reduce crime and violence. Thank you, trees! 

Not only are they important for our physical and emotional well-being, but they are also beautiful to look at. And some trees are so stunning, you might think Mother Nature had her own show on HGTV. 

Here are some favorites that are so amazing, they look like they came straight out of a fairy tale: 


1. Rainbow eucalyptus tree.

Patches of outer bark are shed annually at different times, showing a bright green inner bark. This then darkens and matures to

The bark of this tree sheds at different times throughout the year, revealing rainbow colors. These trees grow incredibly fast and become extremely large.

2. Coin wishing tree.

In Britain's woodlands there are several coin-studded wishing trees. People knock coins into the trunks in hopes that it'll make wishes come true, or that it will help heal an ill loved one. If someone pulls a coin out, it's believed they themselves may become ill. 

3. Southern live oak tree.

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Southern live oak trees, like this one, commonly have limbs that sweep low toward the ground. Spanish moss and flowering plants can often be found growing on their limbs.

4. The "Tree of 40 Fruit."

This tree produces 40 different types of fruit

This tree is actually man-made. Professor Van Aken from Syracuse University spent five years using grafting techniques to develop his first "Tree of 40 Fruit." Just one of his trees grow 40 different kinds of fruit from peaches to cherries to almonds. Don't you wish you had one of these in your backyard? 

5. Jacaranda trees.

Jacarandas in Cullinan, South Africa

This gorgeous path in South Africa is lined with intermingling jacaranda trees. Jacaranda trees can only grow in tropical climates, and the flowers stay in bloom for nearly two months. 

6. "The Wonder Tree."

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This tree, located in Klamath, California, looks like it for sure has fairies living in it. 

7. Rhododendron tree.

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8. Dragon Tree.

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This tree growing in Rabat, Morocco looks exactly like a dragon! 

9. Wind-swept trees.

Wind-Swept Trees In New Zealand

Slope Point, in New Zealand, constantly faces such intense winds that its trees bend in the direction the wind blows.

10. Wisteria tree.

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Japan's largest wisteria tree is located in its Ashikaga Flower Park. Its bold pink color and huge size makes the tree look like something out of a fairy tale.

11. Ponthus’ Beech tree.

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Some people believe this tree gets its name from Ponthus, a knight of the round table who supposedly lived during the 10th century. After speaking irreverently about God for not giving him a child, his castle was destroyed as punishment. Legend has it, this tree grows in the ruins of his castle. 

Located in Bretagne, France, Ponthus' Beech won't actually be seen by too many people. It grows in a private forest.

12. Japanese maple.

Beautiful Japanese Maple In Portland, Oregon

This tree is located in the Portland Japanese Garden in Oregon. The tranquil garden is definitely worth the visit if you're ever in the area. 

13. Methuselah tree.

Great Basin Bristlecone Pine- Oldest tree in the world!

This was once thought to be the oldest living tree on Earth. Although older trees have since been discovered, it's definitely up there. You can find it in the White Mountains of California.

14. Pink trumpet tree.

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Sometimes called pink lapacho trees, these trees grow slowly. It's so worth the wait, though! 

15. Sequoia trees.

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You'll find these fantastically huge trees in the Giant Forest in Sequoia National Park. These are some of the largest and longest living trees.

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