A Traffic Reporter Paid The Most Epic Tribute To A Late Rapper While On Air

"Ludicrously speedy or infectious with the slow-mo?"

American rapper Malik Isaac Taylor, also known by his stage name Phife Dawg, passed away Tuesday at the age of 45 from complications related to diabetes. 

One of the founding members of the iconic rap band A Tribe Called Quest, he was well known and admired for his skillful and clever rhymes.

To pay a tribute to the late rapper, WSB-TV reporter Mark Arum found a way to insert A Tribe Called Quest lyrics into his traffic report broadcasted on Wednesday morning. And this might just be the most epic report we have ever seen.

"Are things ludicrously speedy or infectious with the slow-mo?" he asks while live on air.

Arum quickly gets joined by the show's presenter, Fred Blankenship.

"Sometimes the definition of traffic comes sideways aaand straightaways. Right, Mark?" Blankenship remarks.

The reporters really knocked this one out of the park. The hints were subtle and barely noticeable for someone not familiar with A Tribe Called Quest's work, but for the fans, this was just the most brilliant way to honor the late rapper.

Watch the entire video below:

(H/T: Elite Daily)

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