As Toys 'R' Us Closes Its Doors, We're Remembering Our Favorite '90s Toys

We'll always be Toys 'R' Us kids.

Families were hit hard in September 2017 when Toys 'R' Us filed for bankruptcy. The store was hopeful it would remain open, but the iconic toy retailer announced it will be shutting its doors for good at that end of this week.

For those of us who grew up with Toys 'R' Us, it marks the end of an era. 

On the more positive side, people have used the announcement as an opportunity to reflect on the joyful moments Toys 'R' has brought their families and to reminisce about some of their favorite toys.

The 1990s were filled with magical toys that we first got a glimpse of in the highly prized Toys 'R' Us catalog. Pretty much any of those items could brighten a day, but there were those special ones on almost every birthday and holiday wish list that still hold a special place in our hearts (and closets) today. 

These are some of the most beloved Toys 'R' Us toys from the '90s we couldn't get enough of.


1. Easy Bake Oven

The mini kid-friendly "oven" had been around since the 1963, but the 1990's ushered in a new area of mini bakers with ovens in a range of cool colors and designs.

2. Tickle Me Elmo

No one had as infectious of a laugh as Elmo. Part of the joy of the toy was that you never quite knew when Elmo was going to burst out laughing.

3. Polly Pocket

The modern version of Polly Pocket might see the character in an animated show, but it was the teeny-tiny dolls and flip open compact "houses" that all '90s kids couldn't get enough of. The only issue was if a piece ever fell out — it was nigh impossible to find it.

4. Game Boy

The Game Boy was one of the early cursors to the gaming world we know today. Looking back, the original black and white graphics might not have been the most high tech. At the time, we thought we had hit the jackpot with the brightly colored gaming device that could fit comfortably in our two little hands.

5. Super Soaker

Water fights were never the same when Super Soakers launched in 1990. We left the hose, sprinkler, and buckets, and started pumping those water guns with all our determination to get a good spray.

6. Furby

Cock-a-doodle-doo! Hehehe If there was a toy on every kid's Christmas list in 1998, it was the Furby. With the moving ears and long eyelashes, it was an adorable critter. It was Furby's ability to teach us Furbish that got us hooked.

7. Beanie Babies

Beanie Babies might not have talked, but it didn't matter. There was always a new adorable critter coming out and it was even cuter than the last. It was important to keep our Beanie pristine, and paramount we didn't ruin that heart-shaped tag. After all, we all thought they'd be worth thousands one day. 

8. Tamagotchi

Another early handheld electronic device that had us twiddling our thumbs long before texting so we could feed our virtual pets.

9. Skip-It

A cousin to the humble skipping rope, Skip-It had us jumping from side to side to avoid stepping on it. It was simple but so addictive. The only problem was when the end would occasionally hit your ankle. Ouch.

10. Lego

Lego has had a lengthy history, but no '90s kid's toy collection was complete without a few Lego sets, especially a castle or maybe even a boat.

11. Hot Wheels

Tiny Hot Wheels models are likely the toy that kick-started many people's love of real automobiles. The toy has been around since the late 60s, but it's rare to find a 90s kid who didn't "drive" a Hot Wheels car around with two fingers.

Cover image via  Jonathan Weiss I Shutterstock

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