Molecule-Sized Magnets Have A Monumental Impact On Health Care With This Real-Life Version of ‘Star Trek’s’ Tricorder

Put your vital signs in the cloud.


From its office in Brooklyn, a two-year-old start-up aims to connect and change the world through revolutionary health care technology. Cloud DX is the name, and creation of "actionable diagnostic medical intelligence in the cloud" is their game. But these guys aren't playing around: they created the real-life equivalent of Star Trek's tricorder to send raw medical data to the cloud. Once there, an artificial intelligence engine will analyze the data and produce a diagnosis in real time. 

By binding "magnets the size of molecules" with antibodies and running an electric current through them, Cloud DX's bay station can identify and diagnose multiple forms of bacteria and viruses on a single, easy-to-use platform. CloudDX even has a wearable technology component called the Continuous Vital Sign Monitor that can track someone's vital signs and stream them instantly to their doctor for days at a time. 


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