The Next Great Solution To Our Global Food Needs Can Be Found In The Place You’d Least Expect — An Abandoned Paintball Arena

Traditional field farming may have met its hi-tech match.


An abandoned paintball arena might seem like the last place you'd find lush fields of leafy greens, but here, it's one of the first. 

AeroFarms, the world’s largest indoor farm, is using data science and horticulture to grow healthful and delicious plants more efficiently than ever before.

With 95 percent less water, no sunlight, no soil, and absolutely no pesticides, AeroFarms' growing process is 130 times more productive per square foot than traditional field farming. With an ever-increasing population's ever-increasing food needs, AeroFarms, and aeroponics in general, are creating the future of food today. And it's delicious. 

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