Here's Why One Mom Thinks You Should Be Honest With Your Kids

Mommy blogger goes on hilarious rant about lying to children.

Tova Leigh says it's time to stop lying to your kids.

The mommy blogger sent a hilarious and poignant message to her followers in a video last week, telling them why she thinks it's more important to be honest with your kids than to lie about how good they are at cleaning their room.

"I love my children and I want them to feel good about themselves (I think most parents want this) so naturally I would say stuff  like 'good job' and 'well done for trying your best' to them," Leigh told A Plus in an email. "But lately, I have realized that I may be giving them credit where credit is not really due."

In her video, Leigh says she thinks telling your kids they're doing well at something they aren't might be setting them up for failure in the future. Even if it's something like tidying up your room.

Tova's funny video is a look into one style of parenting, though the subject of positive reinforcement is a hot topic of debate in the parenting world. Some studies have shown that children perform better with positive reinforcement, while others have come closer to Leigh's line of thinking

Either way, all children are different and just deserve some love. You can watch Leigh's hilarious video below:



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