These Are The Top 10 Hashtags Used On Instagram In 2017

Which ones have you used this year?

We know the year isn't quite over yet, but those behind Instagram have already gathered data on some of the biggest trends seen on the platform for their annual #IGYearInReview projectThe project aims to reflect on the most memorable Instagram trends this year, including the top Instagram hashtags of 2017. 

These hashtags are the words and phrases most often used by Instagrammers to draw attention, organize, and promote their photos on the platform. 


Truthfully, the results weren't too surprising. But, considering 2017 was a year filled with not-so-great news, it's nice to see that the hashtags that made the top 10 list are all positive words or phrases. Considering many people use the platform to share photos of their work, daily life, or style, many of the hashtags foster creativity. Best of all, the number one hashtag was #love for the fifth year in a row. We could always use more love in our feeds and lives, so let's make sure it doesn't get dethroned in 2018.

Check out the top 10 hashtags of 2017 below. 

1. #Love

2. #Fashion

3. #PhotoOfTheDay

4. #Photography

5. #Art

6. #Beautiful

7. #Travel

8. #Happy

9. #Nature

10. #PicOfTheDay

Cover image via Unsplash


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