27 Strangers Shared The TL;DR Versions Of Their Last Relationships. Here's What They Said.

"I loved her more than I thought."

With Valentine's Day approaching, you might find yourself reflecting on past relationships. While every love story is worth telling, not everyone has the time, or patience, to listen to that particularly long-winded breakup from three years ago.

Reddit user Fredbarba posted the question, "What's the TL;DR [too long; didn't read] version of your last relationship?" The responses from Redditors were sad, sweet, and most importantly, short: 

Some people told heartbreaking stories...

1. "We started together, and drifted apart." - mcrbids

2. "TL;DR I was just a friend, with a whole lot of benefits, for two years without knowing it." - SorrowSower

3. "She was an international student. She had to move back home :(" - MrMi10s

4. "TL;DR: She decided she likes girls. I am not a girl." - AwkwardJacob

5. "Love wasn't enough." - mihjah

6. "Was only a warm body." - Marcusaralius76

7. "Long distance relationship, didn't go the distance." - shawric

...while others offered some sage advice.

8. "One night stands arent a good foundation for a relationship." - Aura_Beachmin

9. "TL;DR don't leave your girlfriend puking in the car at the concert parking lot." - Bacon_Hero

10. "Night clubs ain't the place to look for true love." - rennsteig

Some stories were heartwarming...

11. "She cooked fried chicken, potato salad, and green bean casserole. I married her." - CountryNerd

12. "Fooled around and fell in love." - killermermaids

13. "Went over for booty call. Now married." - Whirlybear

14. "Swiped right; getting married." - department_al

15. "'Yo you wanna bang?' 'Ye.' Now we're married." - Im_a_god_damn_otter

16. "Got black out drunk. Woke up with girlfriend. We're celebrating six months soon." - Pixiegrub

17. "Met girl. After two year engagement, married girl. Had kids. 28 years later, still have girl. And kids." - exixx

...even when they didn't end happily ever after.

18. "I loved her more than I thought." - Spyronne

19. "Great story. Great time together. Apparently not made for one another. Still good friends. :)" - Liocardia

20. "Different priorities. Still in love with each other." - WaterStoryMark

And many were so bizarre, you'd only expect to find them on Reddit.

21. "She thinks Lil Wayne is better than Snoop Dog" - CylentShadow

22. "Tl;dr wanted to try something new, ended with lobsters clamped to my nipples" - Lobster-Nipples 

Bring in the dancing lobsters! 

23. "Tl;Dr: He wanted to inherit the family goat farm, I wanted to live in a city." - junebuggery

24. "He used to ditch me to watch Family Guy." - Clarieface

25. "Tried to ask her out; asked the day her grandparents died." - saxxy_assassin

26. "Misunderstood Tinder. Now buying a house together." - IAmAQuantumMechanic

27. "She broke up with me during The Emporer's New Groove" - nhnolan


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