Parents Surprise Their Son With 'This Guy Is Going To Be A Big Brother' T-Shirt, And His Reaction Is Precious

In tears.

When Tommy and Teresa Dooley found out they were expecting, they decided to surprise their 6-year-old son Jake with the big news and capture his reaction on tape. 

In the short clip below, they hand Jake index cards, one by one.

"I know you have been wishing and praying for me for a long time now," the first card reads.

"I'm sorry I took so long to get here. But I am here now. Look at your T-shirt," says another one.

Jake looks slightly confused for a second, but then his mom hands him a sonogram photo and a t-shirt saying "This guy is going to be a big brother." And then it all clicks.

See Jake's reaction below. 


The couple struggled with fertility issues after giving birth to a stillborn boy three years ago, Today reports.

"We knew [Jake] would be overjoyed but NEVER expected that reaction," Dooley says in an interview with Today. "I don't think his dad or I really knew how much he wanted this."

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