Want To Eat Like Tom Brady? Great! It'll Only Cost You $200.

TB12 has the recipes.

Tom Brady might be just a year younger than his newly retired contemporary Peyton Manning, but he has no interest in following No. 18 out the door anytime soon. At almost 39 years old, he's still playing at an elite level, in no small part due to hIS and supermodel wife Gisele Bündchen's notoriously strict diet. Now he's found a way to monetize his healthy habits in the form of the TB12 Nutritional Manual.

For a cool $200, you can purchase the limited-edition "living document" that includes 89 "seasonally-inspired recipes" that are mostly likely heavy on the plants and light on the fats. As the description also points out, it's "designed to be modified and expanded over time using its unique screw post binding," meaning that if you buy it, you'll periodically get new pages as new or modified recipes become available.

Where the aesthetics of the product are concerned, its covers are made from natural wood, and it generally looks a hell of a lot nicer than most cookbooks — as it should, considering the price. As of now, Brady's official site says the first batch of "manuals" is sold out, but there are sure to be more down the road.

Maybe next the Golden Boy will come out with a dance manual specifically crafted around dad moves. He's a pro in that field, too.

(H/T: Sports Illustrated via Bleacher Report)

Cover image: Tom Brady via Facebook


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