Remember Tom From MySpace? This Is What He's Up To Now.

Um, can we join?

Remember the founder of MySpace who was automatically friends with everyone who signed up for the social media site? No? Here's a photo that's bound to jog your memory.

Yeah, that guy! 

Ten years ago (feel old yet?), Tom Anderson sold his stake in the company for $580 million. 

Being a retired multimillionaire and all left Anderson with plenty of opportunity to explore the world. He now spends his time traveling, taking gorgeous, vibrant photos and sharing them on his Instagram to inspire anyone with wanderlust. 

Here are some of the stunning places Anderson has been to:

1. Hong Kong

2. Italy

3. London

4. Germany

5. The Philippines

6. Hawaii

7. Burma

8. Utah

9. China

10. Malaysia

11. Singapore

12. Iceland

13. Australia

(H/T: Business Insider

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