Age Is Nothing But A Number To This Man Who Wants To Be The US Open's Oldest Ballperson

“I’m going to make it because I know how to throw a ball."

Tom Alicandri is ready to set a record at the US Open this summer.

While he won't be playing competing tennis players on the court, he's aiming to be alongside them catching balls and throwing them back to his potential colleagues. The 72-year-old former radio personality and New Jersey resident recently tried out to be a ballperson at the tryouts in Queens, N.Y., on June 26.

The tennis championship, which takes place between August 28 and September 10 this year, holds tryouts every summer. This year, more than 500 interested people showed off their best throwing and catching skills. But only 275 make the cut, with a large majority of them being ballpeople who already know the ropes, leaving only 80 spots open for newcomers.

Despite the slim chances of getting chosen, Alicandri was feeling confident about his chances, especially since he's played tennis with legend Pancho Gonzales in Las Vegas.

"I'm going to make it because I know how to throw a ball," he said to NY1

There has been no official statement from the US Open about whether they've chosen Alicandri or others to serve as ballpeople this summer. But Alicandri's love for the sport isn't going anywhere.

"I love tennis and I love the US Open," he said to the US Open's news department at the tryout. "Great food, great shops and a great tournament. Just being here is fabulous."


Watch Alicandri in action in part of his tryout in the video below:

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