Here's Why You Definitely Don't Want To Get This Wedding Dress Wet

It'll be so useful if the marriage doesn't work out.

If reality television has taught us anything, it's that wedding dress shopping is more stressful than tandem skydiving and realizing halfway through your partner is actually a grizzly bear. Dresses are expensive, they make everyone look frumpy, and your mom thinks everything you've picked looks tasteless. Some people like Olivia Mears, however, ditch the search altogether and go the DIY route in a pretty extreme way.

11 rolls, some glue, and lots of tape!

Mears made an elaborate dress out of toilet paper, and it looks like it belongs on a runway.

Various stages of progress.

She has designed dresses out of ribbon and even Taco Bell wrappers, but this toilet paper dress may be her most impressive yet. She used 11 rolls, glue, and tape to create her gorgeous gown. This isn't the first time we've seen someone create a toilet paper dress, and we not so secretly hope this becomes a trend.

Gold tape for the accents.

You can find more of Mears' creations on her Facebook artist page, Avant Geek.

It's funny because... yeah...

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