He Sings A Kate Bush Song In Its Original Key, In All Its Epic High-Pitched Glory

No auto-tune effects used.

If you appreciate all things good in the world, then you are a fan of singer/songwriter Kate Bush. Yep, you've probably spent a lonely night or two parked in your car, listening to rain pitter patter on the windshield as you blasted Bush's classic "Wuthering Heights," wondering what it all means — life, the universe, 70s hairstyles. 

But in case you've been deprived the experience of crying to "Wuthering Heights," here's an incredible cover of Bush's hit, sung by Mike Mills of Australian band Toehider

Just ignore this guy's "What are you looking at dicknose" t-shirt, and concentrate on his incredible ability to hit the high notes we thought only possible for the queen of queens Kate Bush. 


Yep, he sings Kate Bush's "Wuthering Heights" in its original key.

Here's the original, for the sake of comparison:


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