Toddler Bullied For His Eyelid Tumor Finally Gets Life-Changing Surgery

Colby finally got the tumor removed from his eyelid.

Colby Ramos-Francis was born with a birth mark on his right eyelid, but it has since grown into a tumor. Thanks to the help of social media, New York Daily News reports, the 17-month-old had had it removed. 

The boy and his family hail from the UK and doctors there told them that he wouldn't be eligible for surgery until he was older. 

"We were told that the wait-and-see approach was the best approach for us. It was really difficult because we knew there were no results," Ramos-Price told the Daily News. 

But the tumor, diagnosed by doctors as Hemangiomas, a birthmark with visible blood vessels on the skin, grew bigger and would often bleed. Colby's parents told the paper that people, kids and adults alike, would often make rude comments about the toddler's appearance on the street.

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The boy's mother, Aimee Ramos-Price, told the Daily News that she posted in a Facebook group that offers support for birthmarks like Colby's. There, Dr. Milton Waner, director of the Vascular Birthmarks Institute of New York at Lenox Hill Hospital, saw her plea and decided to reach out to The Little Baby Face Foundation for help. The nonprofit provides financial assistance to families who can't afford medical bills for children with deformities. 

The family, who needed to travel to New York for the procedure, also set up a Just Giving crowdfunding page to raise money for the trip.

In six days, they raised £1,627.37, or about $2,000, and Colby had his surgery on February 4. According to a status on a Facebook page with his updates, it was a success.

Congrats, Colby!


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