Toddler Wields Incredible Power As He Leads Entire Crowd In Cheers

This kid is destined for the presidency.

When toddler Will and his family went on Broad Street to get a picture in front of City Hall, something amazing happened. 

Will lifted his arms, and immediately the crowd erupted in cheers. 

"So he continued to repeat the gesture, getting wild response from the crowd on both sides of the street, up and down the street, as far as we could see," says video poster Plaid Sidewalk in the YouTube description. "We couldn't have planned this if we practiced and practiced." 

The video is from 2008, and has been viewed over 4 million time, with good reason: It's not only adorable, but a display of sheer "power" as a joking Redditor pointed out yesterday when they posted the video with the caption "No one man should bear so much power...


Watch the video below to see what sheer power looks like:

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