Toddler Doesn't Believe Her Dad's 'Crazy Theory' About Snow

She's just not buying it.

As winter is upon us, we all need a little pick-me-up to get through our winter blues, and to help us laugh a little at how darn cold we are and how uncomfortable we are wearing big coats all the time. 

Well, Redditor mrcurmudgeon1900 may have just the thing. He recently posted a hilarious video of a precious moment between himself and his child. His Reddit post is captioned "Toddler daughter isn't buying my CRAZY theory about snow ..." and the video is pretty much what you'd expect.

Dad explains where snow comes from and his toddler is having none of it. 


When dad explains, "Snow fall from the sky and it blankets everything," she cannot stop laughing in apparent disbelief.

Even if this toddler has a thing or two to learn about winter still, it's pretty adorable to watch her try to work out the logistics. After all, the idea that snow falls from the sky and then blankets everything is pretty absurd if you think about it long enough ... right?


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