Your Taste Buds Will Never Be The Same After Making These Toasted Marshmallow Shots

Toasty goodness.

We're deep into fall with winter quickly approaching, which means more excuses to break out the liquor marshmallows. 

Food Blogger Cheri Alberts of The Watering Mouth saw a friend post a recipe that combines the two (both shots and marshmallows) and decided to try it out for herelf.

Step 1: Get Marshmallows (and coffee or liquor or chocolate milk)

Step 2: Toast them over an open fire or stove top.

Make sure to get the 'mallow nice and toasty.

Step 3: Use a fork to puncture the middle of the 'mallow.

Step 4: Enjoy! But throw 'em back quick!

Check out the how-to video below.

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