These 7 Hacks Will Make Your Smartphone Pictures Amazing

Step up your photography skills.

The smartphone has affected society in one major, major way: it's put a camera into people's pockets just about every time they go out. We're all familiar with selfies, ussies, and insufferable friends who feel a need to take pictures of everything they eat and then add #too #many #hashtags, but those things don't really maximize a smartphone's photographic potential.

This video has some cool tricks from COOPH to take your pics to the next level.

1. The "Panodash"

While taking panoramic pictures with a friend, have them run and pose into each frame for a surreal shot.

2. Pano drive-by

Use the panoramic setting on your camera in a car for amazing 'stretch' shots of the street (but not while driving, please).

3. Zoom lens

You can use binoculars as a zoom lens for your phone.

4. Macro lens

A single drop of water creates a natural microscope for small objects.

5. Reflector

A dashboard protector makes a great improvised lighting tool.

6. Tripod and shutter cable for "Armless" selfies

This simple homemade cardboard "tripod" combined with a shutter cable will allow you to take much less awkward selfies.

7. Underwater housing

Want to film something in the water without fear of getting your phone soaked? Use a glass to protect it!

h/t Reddit.

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