23 Itty Bitty Tattoos That May Just Be Your Gateway Drug To Getting Inked

Obsessed with #17.

Subtle, small tattoos are perfect for anyone looking to get inked for the first time. The smaller the tattoo, the less it'll hurt, right? Plus, you'll have so many options for where to place it on your body because it's so tiny. You can hide it behind your ear, ink the space between your fingers, or place it right above your collarbone. 

But if you can't decided what to get or where to put it, here's a little inspiration for you: 


So we've rounded up some of our favorite small tattoos below:

1. For those who love a long bike ride.

2. For those who believe diamonds really are a girl's best friend.

3. For those who don't mind a little lightning.

4. For those who still believe in the art of letter writing.

5. For those who want to carry around a symbol of strength.

6. For those who can't start their day without some coffee...

7. ...and those who would rather start it with tea.

8. For those who can always go for a slice.

9. For those who want to share their heart with someone else.

10. For those who just want a little adventure.

11. For those who love writing.

12. For those who want to take a little piece of the beach with them.

13. For those who don't mind swimming with the fishes.

14. For those who adore cats.

15. For those who are inspired by minimalist designs.

16. For those who have faith.

17. For those who have wanderlust.

18. For those who rock on.

19. For those who don't mind a rainy day.

20. For those who love looking up at the stars.

21. For those who love animals.

22. For those who like to keep things under lock and key.

23. For those who can't leave their camera behind.

(H/T: DesignTaxi


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