Tinder Now Lets You "Super Like" People

Because a normal like apparently doesn't cut it.

Tinder is somewhat polarizing, but there's no denying its appeal and influence in the dating world. The ability to see thousands of single people and start up a conversation with one of them with the simple swipe of a finger? That's the future and now it's going next level with Tinder's new "Super Like" feature.

Available to all users as of today, the feature allows regular users to swipe up on one person a day to label them with a Super Like that shows up for that user when the corresponding profile crosses their screen. It's different from a normal like because there's only one available per day (or five, for Tinder Plus users), but also because it raises the chances of matching with someone by a factor of three, according to the Tinder blog.

The feature went into testing last month as a way to tackle the problem that many online daters run into with respect to the difference in behavior between the sexes. As the New York Times pointed out last year, men are three times as likely to swipe right on a given picture than women. Often, they simply swipe right on every picture so as to maximize the matches they get.

A Super Like combats this issue by restoring a sense of personal touch to the app such that users feel that extra twinge of excitement, interest or what have you upon seeing that someone has Super Liked them. Of course, it also diminishes the power of a regular like, but such is the online dating world. Just like dating in any other medium, it's got its flaws. Because, you know, people's feelings are at play.

Cover image: Denis Bocquet via Flickr


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