It's Hard To Believe People Actually Received These 21 Hilarious Tinder Messages

"Are you the second page of a Google search? Because you're not really what I am looking for, but I'm desperate."

If you've ever been on the dating app Tinder, you already know it's the worst. But at least it leads to plenty of hilarious messages to share with your friends — or all of Instagram. 

Tinder Nightmares, created by the producer of ABC's The Bachelor  Elan Galeis an Instagram account filled with screenshots of real conversations people have had on the app. Most of the messages are hilarious, some are clever, but all are ridiculous. 

Though it's hard to believe people would actually say things like, "Relationships are messed up, but your face isn't," Tinder Nightmares proves there are actually tons of people who are experts at screwing up interactions with just one sentence. 

Gale recently compiled the best Tinder messages into a book


Check out some of our favorite gems below:

1. Good save.

2. Thank you, alphabet.

3. Just when you thought IKEA couldn't get any better, it inspired a pickup line.

4. Smooth sailing.

5. Because if she didn't answer the third message, she's bound to answer the fourth.

6. Great.

7. You're not wrong, Michael.

8. Well, he's definitely got imagination.

9. Thanks.

10. Got 'em.

11. Beware of friends who Tinder together.

12. This is going great.

13. Oops.

14. Win.

15. When she's not into Netflix and chill.

16. All of them.

17. Obviously.

18. Thanks for checking.

19. Avocado is a superfood after all.

20. Because an emoji is worth a thousand words.

21. Nope, definitely not a Prius.


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