This Guy Made A Fully Functional Tinder Costume For Halloween And You Can't Swipe Left On That

It's a match!

Despite the fact that Halloween has ended and your mom is already blowing dust off last year's Thanksgiving decorations, it's important to take time and recognize people who went above and beyond for this season's celebration.

At the top of our list is Matt Borgelt, a California-based lad who describes himself as a "nerd, supposed photographer, part-time gamer, and crafter of all things nerdy."

This year Borgelt really showcased his talents with a Halloween costume so nifty, we still can't get over it!

Behold — Matt dressed up as everyone's favorite (eh?) dating app, Tinder. But it's not just a glossy cutout ...

Borgelt managed to perfectly replicate the Tinder experience by overseeing all minuscule details such as the Super Like button and some creepy match suggestions (see the guy in black underwear). 

But he really knocked it out of the park with his interactive swipe and match mechanisms.

Check out this video to see the costume in action:

Notice the mirror at the end? Well done, Matt, well done.

My halloween costume

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