Tina Fey Surprises Fans As They Share How Much She Means To Them

Jimmy Fallon had a special thank-you as well.

Some of Tina Fey's biggest fans recently got a chance to thank the SNL alum and 30 Rock creator for inspiring them as part of a Tonight Show segment. Little did they know, Fey herself was listening to their heartfelt messages from off camera, just waiting to surprise them.

Jimmy Fallon has orchestrated these meaningful meetings before, with people such as former First Lady Michelle Obama and Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman. This time, the special set-up marked the Broadway premiere of the Mean Girls musical, based on the 2004 film written by Fey.


The fans featured in the video included a female comedy duo who said they learned how to write jokes from 30 Rock, as well as a young woman who teared up as she revealed to Fey that she wrote her college application essay about her. "I cannot tell you how much it meant for this quirky, weird girl in high school to look up to you," she said.

But the thank-yous didn't stop with the fans. Back in the studio, host Jimmy Fallon stood up to share his own message for Fey, his former "Weekend Update" co-anchor. "I have two daughters, and my hope for them is that they'll grow up to be leaders like you, and that they'll be as fearless and confident in their strengths as you are," he said.

See all the heartwarming moments in the video below:


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