After Getting Humiliated In Line With Her Daughter, This Woman Took The High Road

99 percent of people would never do this.

Dianne Hoffmeyer is a resident of Burtchville Township, Mich., where recently she was in line at the local Tim Hortons buying Timbits (doughnut holes) and coffee with her 22-month-old daughter, who had kept her up all night due to teething. When two women in line behind her started commenting on her looks and insulting her weight, calling her a "whale," it was a humiliating situation most people would have either cowered from or snapped at.


But Dianne went straight for the high road.

Turning to the employee at the register, she asked to buy the two women behind her coffee. Although she told The Times Herald that "I was really mad and I'm usually not quiet ... I've got a big mouth," she knew what the appropriate move would be immediately.

"My 2-year-old daughter is a mini-me and she mimics everything I do," she said. "I wanted to do the right thing so when she's old enough she'll know the right thing to do."

She then posted about the experience on her Facebook (this is a repost):

To her surprise, the post went viral — as of Tues., Sept. 22, it had garnered 166,000 likes, and overnight her email locked up after receiving 1.5 million notifications and messages. Her teenage son had to explain to her that she herself had gone viral.

Many of her supporters have been mothers who go through the same issues — getting humiliated in public because of their appearance when they're already exhausted from taking care of their young children.

"For this to happen, it's left me speechless," Hoffmeyer said. "The encouragement and kindness that I've received from all over the place is amazing.

Simple deed, huge response. Good for Dianne.


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