The Funniest Model On Instagram Deserves A Standing Ovation

"Woke up like dis"

Model Tilda Lindstam has put on a serious, high-fashion face for runway shows and editorials for top designers and publications like Dior, Calvin Klein, Givenchy, Michael Kors, Harper's Bazaar UK, and beyond.

But when the Swedish model's not strutting her tall, thin frame down the runways, she's taking over Instagram with some of the most hilarious, real, honest photos and captions — revealing a life beyond the glamour. 


Tuesday vibes.

In January, her funny spirit landed her a feature on, with the headline "Tilda Lindstam Might Be the Funniest Model on Instagram (And Beyond)."

At the time, Vogue reported that Lindstam had 45,000 followers. Now, she's spreading laughs to nearly 300,000.

"Is this real life? #Costco #heaven #dream," Lindstam captions on the photo below.

"I've been called out a couple of times for [my Instagram] not being professional enough," Lindstam tells writer Liana Satenstein. "I guess now people are learning to accept it. It's not changing. I don't take anything I post too seriously and I hope no one else does either."

"Am I in heaven or a public bathroom?"

Her account is an awesome reminder that no matter who you are or what you do, you shouldn't take life too seriously.


Continue for 10 of our favorite moments from Lindstam's account:

1. "Bruised knees/Bruce Lees"

2. "In bed with bae"

3. "Tortillda"

4. "It's hard to believe that Justin Bieber got more attention on his birthday than I did. I will be wiping my tears until 2016. #stayhumble #selfdistance #neverchange"

5. "Woke up like dis"

6. "In a cage at the zoo where I belong"

7. "On my way to steal your girl"

8. "BooBQ"

9. "Heavy flow #mycalvins #livestream"

10. "Bby you're a ship, I'm the iceberg hitting on you #forbidden #love"

Not to mention this awesome video featuring her favorite "detox pizza recipe."

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(H/T: BoredPanda)


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