Photographer Changes People's Day With One Silly Outfit

"After a few seconds of slight embarrassment, whoever wears the suit automatically connects to his inner child."

Adam Rabinowitz had an idea: he was going to walk down the street and ask strangers to try on a silly tiger suit, and then he was going to begin taking pictures of them doing whatever they felt like doing in the outfit.

The 28-year-old photography student was packing his bags for a trip to Turkey when he realized he had two things left on his bed: a laptop and the tiger suit that he had been wearing as pajamas. He pondered whether he could actually convince someone on the street to wear it, and before he knew it he was standing in front of a man in his late-thirties who had just climbed into the orange and black suit.

"I was surprised when he accepted and I found it hysterical at first," Rabinowitz told A+. "But then I noticed the change that wearing the suit did to him, he couldn't stop laughing, he was extremely playful and just looked extremely happy."

Xian Li.

"I always jump in photos. I jumped at the Taj Mahal, I jumped at the parliament in Berlin, I jumped at the Leaning Tower of Pisa, I jumped at the Sagrada Família church..."

Rabinowitz didn't just go after strangers, either. Before long he enlisted friends and family to participate, too.


"If this great man is half as good at being a teacher as he is at being a friend, there are many fortunate pupils out there," Rabinowitz said.

Miriam, Rabinowitz's older sister, with her fifth child and first daughter.

"I'm just happy that I finally have a girl to buy clothes for," she told her brother. "I'm also excited that later on, I will have someone to go shopping with."

Jeannette, Rabinowitz's mother.

"It took me some time, but I finally got my loving and loved mother to wear the suit. While she was wearing it, we saw a kid walking around with a tiger balloon, so we asked the mother of the child for the balloon and after we got the kid's permission my mother took it. Moments after we took the balloon, the kid started crying. I can't remember seeing my mother make a child cry. Including me."

Shilo, Rabinowitz's nephew.

Shilo showed off his Capoeira moves and he very soon afterwards he started drowning in the suit.

Avi, who took the suit for a ride.

For the past couple of months, if possible, Avi would take his newly purchased surfboard and go surfing. This week he decided to try wearing a different type of wetsuit. Once he started entering the water I started to question the possibility of actually getting on the surfboard with the weight of a soaking wet Tiger Suit, but Avi decided to give it a try.


"For some reason I was always intimidated from asking anyone over 40 for a picture," Rabinowitz said. "Jose definitely helped me get over that fear due to how she really got into the costume and let the tiger take control of her. Now I just have to get past the fear of asking anyone over 45."


"Ofir doesn"t know where he will be working once he gets back to Australia, but if there was a job which requires tiger skills he would definitely get it," Rabinowitz said.

Roi & Noga.

"When I passed Noga and Roi on my bicycle, Noga was doing a handstand and I was amazed," Rabinowitz said. "You must understand, it's not everyday that I see someone doing a handstand on someone else's hands."

"After getting in the suit, which gave them less friction in the feet, Noga & Roi decided to take some extra precaution and have my dear friend Lior stand by their side in case Noga fell. Needless to say they didn't fall and Lior didn't need to do any catching. My mind was blown once again."

Yasmin and Mori.

"The only think that upset Yasmin was that she had to say goodbye to her man," Rabinotiwz said.


"After going through many of the photos from the project, I saw the photo I put up of Rafi and I got a little upset with my choice," Rabinowitz said. "So in order to fix that feeling I'm putting up a different one, taken not much after the previous one, but I feel it shows a whole different side to the man."

Stefanie and the lion.

"As a child, on her way to kindergarten, Stefanie would always insist on passing by this statue," Rabinowitz said. "Stefanie's mother would help her climb up the lion and she would imagine that she was riding it. To this day Stefanie still loves this lion."

"I had to Photoshop this picture due to the fact that recently some kids thought it would be funny to make this 90 year old statue look like Hitler. It really upset Stefanie so I gave her my word that I will fix it before publishing it. I hope it makes her happy."


"At the age of 69, Dunn has just come 2nd in his age group for competing in a 10KM race," Rabinowitz said. "He has 8 grandchildren and this is the 8th trophy he has won for running. He names each trophy after a grandchild and is hoping to maintain the "Trophy per Grandchild" ratio for all the grandchildren still to come."


"When I told Sarah to do whatever she wanted in the suit, she straight away asked me if it was cool if she could bring her cat out for the photo," Rabinowitz said. "The cat wasn't as cooperative as it's owner at first but once it got used to a tiger holding him he got slightly better. I'm pretty sure Sarah has the most amazing hair that I have seen up until now and since I'm planning on living for quite a while I'm hoping that will somehow change."

Want more of the Tiger Suit? Check out Rabinowitz's Facebook page.

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