Fake Tide Ad Shows Church Lady Hating On Engaged Gay Couple, But Then...

Yes, yes and more yes.

Over the years, as we've been heading toward a golden age for marriage equality, we've seen many big supporters come out the woodwork. Among them have been corporations like Walmart, Coca-Cola and ExxonMobil. 

And it's been two years since Procter & Gamble (P&G) have voiced their support of gay marriage. Their stance on gay couples was made clear with this Tide commercial that aired in Canada last year. 


People had strong reactions to the commercial spot. For example, this YouTuber who commented: 

"HOW DARE YOU, TIDE, FOR POSTING SOMETHING LIKE THIS AND SHOVING YOUR AGENDA IN OUR FACES. Cargo shorts are nothing to be ashamed of! lol, but in all seriousness, funny commercial and I've always loved Tide." 

But now a new Tide spec ad has people talking.

Last week, director Mark Nickelsburg, created a spec ad for Tide, a commercial not formally endorsed by the product, featuring an engaged couple going to the church to get married. 

As they approach the steps of the church, they are stopped by a bible-holding woman who looks deeply upset by what they are about to do. 

But then the ad takes a turn... 

Watch it here to find out what happens.

A P&G representative commented on the ad, telling The Huffington Post: "Many people like to share creative ways on how Tide fits into their lives. This is one example of that, but we didn't create this ad. We do appreciate all of our Tide fans — and how Tide-to-Go can save a wedding day."

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