31 Thoughts That Have Definitely Crossed Your Mind While Watching 'MasterChef Junior'

These kids are too much.

1. The preview before the episode is completely unnecessary. These children are going to cook better than all of us. We know. That's why we're here. 

2. What's with Gordon's hair? 

3. Why are these kids always wearing the same accessories in every episode, but in different colors? Are the producers worried we won't remember them otherwise? 

4. The kids are more excited about the trophy than the money. 

5. Wait, who is that kid? I've never seen him before. 

6. Oh, wow. Team challenge. 

7. So cute when the kids say they're here to win, but also to make friends. 

8. Is this going to be just like last time where one team does really well in the beginning while the other one is screwing up, and then they switch roles halfway through?

9. Every time. 

10. I should really eat something. 

11. This kid can barely carry the mixer and still knows how to use it better than me. 

12. Wow, those are some killer knife skills. 

13. How do these kids not slice their hands open?


15. Oh, cool. The 8-year-old is using a blow torch.

16. How much do you want to bet Gordon is going to ask her how old she is? 

17. Yep. Pretty sure 70 percent of the dialogue in this show revolves around their age. 

18. This girl is literally using a step stool to reach the counter so she can cook filet mignon. 

19. I cannot believe they cook these things without a recipe. 

20. Wait, how can these kids miss so much school? 

21. I wanna chill with Graham. 

22. Aw, I love when they share. 

23. OK, no. Somehow they always magically finish their dishes right on time. There's no way their time management skills are that good yet. 

24. Did he just say pistachio dust? Since when is dust a topping?    

25. I hate these kids.

26. Ugh, no I don't. I just want one of them to cook for me. 

27. Damn, left us hanging again with that commercial break. 

28. Oof, it's undercooked so the judges can't even eat it. Guess we know who's going home. 

29. Don't cry, kid. You're still better at cooking than most adults. 

30. AWWWWW. His friends are so supportive. 

31. This show is so charming. I can't wait for next week. 


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