The 16 Thoughts You Have When Meeting Your Significant Other's Parents

Don't screw this up.

Meeting your significant other's parents for the first time is an important rite of passage in a relationship. Get off on the right foot with your significant other's parents and you're in the clear for a successful long-term relationship. Screw it up and you are toast.

While we can speculate as to what your significant other's parents are thinking, it can be kinda scary. Here are 16 things going through your mind when you are approaching this situation:


1. I get to meet my significant other's parents. How lucky!

2. What if they hate me?

3. They will hug me ... and then they might try to kill me.

4. They might not get my jokes.

5. They will watch my every move.

6. Oh man ... am I drunk? Will they think I'm drunk.

7. I hope they don't ask what my life plans are.

8. They won't approve of my career choices.

9. What if the mom is attractive?

10. What if her parents are ugly and that runs in the family?

11. Do they know that we're having sex?

12. What if they think I'm weird?

13. What if it's a trap?

14. What if I have to go to the bathroom when I meet them? Should I hold it in?

15. Did they say something funny? Should I laugh?

16. And worst of all ... what if they actually like me?


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