This Video Will Make You Rethink The Way You See Homeless People.

Before you walk away feeling smug, think about what you've seen here.

We often hear and read people making comments about homeless people as if they're another species. Very often, there's an assumption that the person asking for change is a criminal or a drug addict or unemployable or that his or her condition has a moral component: that they deserve to be homeless; that this must be their fault. Those comments show up everywhere. They're whispered on city streets. They're mumbled about behind newspapers at breakfast tables. They're written in the comments section of every website that dares to cover the issue, cheap shots taken at easy targets by people who hide behind keyboards.

We're not going to tell you what to think. We're not going to try to subvert whatever judgement you've already passed or get you to surrender your biases based on whatever anecdote or personal experience you've had. The only thing we'll ask is this: have the intellectual courage to re-examine the things you believe. Have the backbone to rethink homelessness.

How many paychecks are you away from ending up on the streets? How much work could you miss due to illness before the bills piled up and the landlord said no more? What would happen if the stock market crashed? If you lost your spouse? Can you really look at anyone, without knowing their circumstances and not say, "there but for the grace of God, go I?" Rethink homelessness. Share this with your friends.

SOURCE: Rethink Homelessness: You Tube.


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