This Diver Thought He'd Be Safe In A Cage. A Great White Shark Had Other Ideas.

Terror beneath the sea.

I always feel bad for the sharks on Shark Week. I think they get a bad rap. I dislike terms like "shark-infested waters." The ocean is their natural habitat. Humans are pitifully inefficient swimmers, lacking any natural apparatus to swim among magnificent and mysterious sea life and, moreover, continue to pollute the oceans that these creatures live in. Wouldn't "human-infested waters" be a more accurate description?

In any case, Shark Week is on us again and here's a video from last year that makes us remember why it's so tensely satisfying to watch.

An 18 foot Great White shark decides to pay a curious diver a visit...


Video: Discovery Channel: YouTube. And don"t forget to look at the Shark Week schedule at the Discovery Channel. Cover image source: Wikimedia Commons.



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