This Woman Didn't Want Maternity Pictures So Her Husband Took Her Place

My face hurts from laughing so hard.

Redditor DruishPrincess69, posted these pictures on Imgur/Reddit this morning with the headline "My wife didn't want to take maternity pictures, so I hired a photographer and took her place…" Suffice it to say, we"re very glad he did.

It's interesting: these photos seem plainly ridiculous. But are they any less ridiculous for a woman? If these photographs highlight anything, it's that there are poses that are automatically associated with pregnancy: poses that are meant to evoke certain ideas that we, as a society, have about motherhood.

There's no photograph here that reflects back pain or morning sickness or the fear of getting old. But they're ridiculous because they present a set of familiar images--and if you look at our article on pregnancy announcements, you'll know what I mean--and turn them on their head.

It goes without saying that no man can ever really "take his wife's place" when it comes to carrying a child to term. What I like about this is that this man isn't making that claim at fact it pokes fun at the very idea of it. Whether intentional or not, these photos shed some light on just how ridiculous and unnatural photos that assert to capture the least ridiculous and most natural thing can turn out to be. That's not a necessarily a bad thing--people should do as they please when it comes to their lives and photographs--but for spectators and photographers, it may be something worth examining.

Source: DruishPrincess69 on Reddit. (I think he deserves some Reddit gold for that, don't you?)


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