You Don't Have To Like Baseball To Love What This Little League Coach Says To His Team

There's something everyone can take away from this.

When the Cumberland American Little League team was eliminated from the Little League World Series in an 8-7 loss to Illinois, coach Dave Belisle took the opportunity to turn the loss into a lesson. His unrehearsed speech above is one of the most moving you'll ever hear.

Providence Journal transcribed the speech:

"Heads up high. Heads up high."

"I"ve gotta see your eyes, guys. There"s no disappointment in your effort -- in the whole tournament, the whole season. It"s been an incredible journey.

We fought. Look at the score – 8-7, 12-10 in hits. We came to the last out.

We didn"t quit.

That"s us! Boys, that"s us!

The only reason why I"ll probably end up shedding a tear is that this is the last time I"m going to coach you guys. But I"m going to bring back with me, the coaching staff is going to bring back, you guys are going to bring back that no one other team can provide – that"s pride. Pride.

You"re going to take that for the rest of your lives, what you provided for the town of Cumberland.

You had the whole place jumping, right? You had the whole state jumping. You had New England jumping. You had ESPN jumping. OK? You want to know why? They like fighters. They like sportsmen. They like guys who don"t quit. They like guys who play the game the right way. If everyone would play baseball like the Cumberland Americans, this would be the greatest game.

The lessons you guys have learned along the journey, you"re never going to forget.

We"re going to have some more fun. We have two more days of fun. When you walk around this ballpark in the next couple of days, they"re going to look at you and say: "Hey, you guys were awesome!"

Everybody has said: You guys are awesome. Awesome. Awesome. Absolutely awesome.

It"s OK to cry, because we"re not going to play baseball together any more. But we"re going to be friends forever. Friends forever.

Our Little League careers have ended on the most positive note that could ever be. OK? Ever be.

There"s only going to be one team that"s going to walk out of here as World Series champions. Only one. We got down to the nitty-gritty. We"re one of the best teams in the world. Think about that for a second. In the world! Right?

So, we need to go see our parents, because they"re so proud of you. One more thing. I want a big hug. I want everyone to come in here for one big hug. One big hug, then we"re going to go celebrate. Then we"re going to go back home to a big parade.

I love you guys. I"m gonna love you forever. You"ve given me the most precious moment in my athletic and coaching career, and I"ve been coaching a long time – a looooong time. I"m getting to be an old man.

I need memories like this, I need kids like this. You"re all my boys. You"re the boys of summer.

So, for the last time, we"re going to yell Americans: One, two three – Americans!

OK. Good job. Let"s go. Time to go."

The team returns home to Cranston, Rhode Island tonight for a celebration in their honor.

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