These Hunky Disney Guys' Real-Life Makeover Will Have You Breaking Out In A Fever


While Disney princesses have undergone many transformations, the guys usually get little love on the makeover front. Finnish artist Jirka Väätäinen created a series focused solely on Disney's leading men and the results are beautiful.

Entitled Envisioning Disney Guys in Real Life, Väätäinen gave these animated princes a realistic touch, making them dreamier than we ever thought was possible.


1. Prince Phillip from 'The Sleeping Beauty' went from this ...

... to this.

2. Hercules, from this lovable klutz ...

... to a broody real-life child of Zeus.

3. The mermaid-lovin' Prince Eric, from this ...

... to this guy with a winning smile.

The idea for these real-life recreations struck back in 2011, when Väätäinen thought about exploring what The Little Mermaid's Ursula would look like in real life. 

"Having grown up with a lot of these characters, the sense of nostalgia made it such a fascinating and a fun personal project to explore and carry on with," he told A Plus via email. "I was inspired by the idea of recreating these characters that we all know and love, in a way I would imagine them to look like if they were 'more real,' while still staying somewhat true to the unrealistic quirks in their original character designs."

4. This cheeky Tarzan ...

... to a suitably-disheveled one.

5. The New World-explorer John Smith ...

... to this surfer dude look-alike.

6. Prince Charming, all suited up ...

... living up to his real-life potential.

7. Our favorite street rat Aladdin ...

... in all his sweet-natured glory.

8. Then there's this big Beast ...

... who turned out to be the biggest softie in the world — Prince Adam.

These realistic depictions of these Disney guys almost makes us feel like happy ever afters aren't completely improbable.

If you're hungry for more, Väätäinen also has an Envisioning Disney Girls in Real Life series on his website. 

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