This Tree House Will Make You Want To Drop Everything To Live In The Woods

It's like the real life Swiss Family Robinson.

In the summer of 2011, Foster Hungtington decided to leave his job in New York and move into a camper. 

"Since then, I have driven 10,0000 miles around the West, surfing and camping," Huntington writes on his website A Restless Transplant.  

Yup, he is basically Jack Kerouac on the road, living out all of our dreams. 

And to make his life even more epic, he has been building the most ultimate of ultimate tree houses outside of Portland, Oregon. 

He began construction last February with the help of some engineer friends. 

Its enchanted walkways look like they're meant for mythical creatures. This one is called the "Double Rainbow Bridge." 

There's also a walkway connecting to a second tree house, meant for guests. Jealous, anyone?

Oh, and don't worry, because the tree house is also totally modern. It's equipped with cell phone coverage, wifi and Internet. 

All together, it cost about $135,000. But so, so worth it. 

If you're not jealous yet, something is deeply wrong with you. 

Because it even has a skate bowl out front. 


Yup, it can't get much better than that. 

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