This Girl Committed A Random Act Of Kindness 2 Years Ago. Today, She Got A Surprise Note.

A random act of kindness is remembered. Still trying to get the lump out of my throat.

Redditor itsallemily was at a Target two years ago when she saw a family being harassed. She told the story on Reddit:

At Target, there was a Hispanic family ahead of me in line discussing their daughters birthday party, buying baby formula and other groceries. There was a woman in front of me buying some groceries, and I noticed that I had a coupon for the hair dye she was buying, and was going to give it to her. Then, the woman turned to me and started complaining about the "dirty, welfare abusing beaners" as the family's card was declined.

I responded with "¿Por qué crees eso?" and she grew increasingly upset, saying that "Mexican is the language of dirty homeless people." and calling me "one of them." I pointed out that the mother was wearing hospital scrubs, and probably working her ass off to pay for a family, and told the lady that she should take her racist self to another country if she didn't like immigrants.

I paid for their groceries and told them to have a great day. She took her rash cream and diet pills to another lane aisle.

The best part?

I didn't give her the coupon.

While at the doctor recently, a nurse there asked her some curious questions. Emily thought she looked vaguely familiar, but made nothing of it.

A few days later she got this in the mail.

As it turned out, it was the same nurse whose groceries she bought. Remember this story the next time the world seems especially cruel and unkind. Everyone has the power to do good. Use yours. Please stop by Reddit and give itsallemily some gold.



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