This Artist Has Painted A Picture That Illustrates The Connectivity Of Life.

From realistic thickets to a symbol of life, these canvases are a wonderful glimpse of nature.

We're always on the lookout for artists with a conscience about the environment, so Allison Green shared her work, our interest was piqued. Allison specializes in large canvases of brightly colored nature scenes. Her "Thicket" series was of particular interest due to the fact that it took some time for me to realize that there is not actual grass on any of her canvases. You'll see what I mean below. The shading and subtlety in her work makes it look as though there's actual plant life there.

Deep Violet Thicket. 2012.

Pink Thicket. 2011.

Thicket Study. 2011

But what I found most moving about her work was a new painting-in-progress entitled "String Theory," in which she hints at the interconnectedness of life. It's a bright work illustrating a globe of string entwined with vines, insects and life. To look at it is to consider how we are all connected by the thin thread of life.

String Theory.

In a recent review with Frogs Are Green, she says, "Nature is such an amazing, endless source of inspiration. And as humans are putting it in jeopardy in so many different ways, it has become an even more important subject in my mind. Whether it be to find beauty in a simple weed, cherish a neighborhood tree, or to realize the perfection of most common little bug, I hope that my work can inspire someone to look at plant life and all of nature in a new way every day."

The artist surveying her work.

Please check out Allison's work on her website, and, as always, we appreciate it when you share these with your friends.



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