Guy Snaps Selfies Of Himself Third-Wheelin' It For 3 Years. But Then It Leads To Something Truly Beautiful.

We've all been there.

This situation might seem way too familiar.

We're referring to the day your best friend — your soul mate, your confidant — falls in love. And sure you're happy for your buddy, but now you're also bound to become the third wheel.

Just a day ago, Imgur user earthyhillgivens uploaded a series of photos titled "Third Wheelin." In the a series of selfies, this poor guy is seen hanging out with a couple. Over and over again.

As earthyhillgivens explained, the couple has been dating for three years now. 

All of which he spent third wheeling. 

But it all actually led to something truly beautiful. Scroll down to find out.


Lovebirds holding hands.

Obvi not getting the front seat.

"Hey guys, wait up?"

You'd think this third wheel situation isn't about to get better...

"Remember me? Your friend?"

We've all been there...

... wondering if your friends even notice you anymore.

But three years later... Surprise!

Congrats to these two lovebirds!

We have a feeling these photos might have made a pretty funny slideshow at their wedding party.

Please share their story by clicking below.

(H/T: Imgur)


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