Here Are The 7 Most Common Breast Shapes And The Most Fitting Bra Types For Each

Ladies, don't leave your ladies hanging.

Boobs, boobies, hooters, ta-tas, whoopee cushions — call them what you will, breasts are amazing and deserve class-A treatment, no matter how big, small, perky or saggy they are.

And because most women still choose (or feel obliged) to carry their goods in specifically designed undergarments, care-taking really comes down to choosing the right support, i.e. a perfectly fitting brasserie. 

But to choose the right cup, you must be familiar with your own shape, not just size. That's why this Breast Shape Dictionary by lingerie brand Third Love comes in so handy.

After closely studying the nature of boobs, Third Love identified the seven most common breast shapes among women, all of which come into play when choosing the right bra. 

Check out their list below and discover the type of bra you should be wearing based on the shape of your breast: 


1. Asymmetrical — one breast larger than the other.

2. Bell shape — breasts that are slimmer at the top, fuller at the bottom.

3. East West — breasts that have nipples pointing outward.

4. Round — breasts that are equally full at the top and bottom.

5. Side set — breasts that have wide space between them.

6. Slender — thin breasts, nipples pointing downward.

7. Teardrop — breasts that are round but slightly less full at the top.

(H/T: Cosmopolitan)


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