19 Much Better Things To Do Than Responding To Your Ex's Text

Because you know you shouldn't.

You date. You breakup. You inevitably receive a message from the ex after said breakup. 

Maybe it'll be something that reminds him or her about you, maybe it'll just say "hey" or maybe it'll be the classic "I miss you." Maybe they'll drunk text you or hit you up with an "innocent" Facebook message. No matter what, you know deep down it's probably best not to reply. 

But it can be so hard not to!

Here are some things you can do instead of answering that message:


1. Throw your phone across the room.

2. Take a long, hot shower.

3. Play Edward Fortyhands.

4. Make an 'I'm better off without you' playlist and listen to it.

5. Flirt with someone more attractive.

6. Cook something.

7. Don't know how to cook? Boil your phone instead.

8. Practice willpower and go to the gym.

9. Call your mom for once.

10. Meditate.

11. Make a piñata with your ex's face on it. You know what to do next.

12. Learn a new language your ex doesn't understand.

13. Eat a Fage yogurt properly for the first time in your life.

14. Watch every episode of 'Broad City' twice.

15. Sleep.

16. Pretend you don't remember them.

17. Learn to twerk.

18. Eat something your ex is allergic to.

19. Delete the text. Block the number.

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